Nan Lundeen
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Gaia’s Cry - New Release!

What form will Gaia take during our grandchildren’s lifetimes?
Nan Lundeen dedicates her new poetry book, Gaia’s Cry, to her grandson Elijah. Gaia is the Greek earth goddess and the concept of Earth as a whole, organic, living entity. Ancient goddess myths and Native American legends enrich her vision of Earth’s startling beauty in a book that alerts, informs, and seeks strength in the courage of yellow wildflowers.
At a time when 97 percent of scientists concur that global warming caused by human activities threatens life on Earth and requires urgent action; at a time when oil and gas industries own the U.S. Congress; and at a time when President Trump has foolishly withdrawn from the Paris Agreement signed by 195 nations, awareness can energize change at grassroots levels.
Use the discussion guide in Gaia’s Cry as a catalyst for sharing ideas to take action.

Photo by Ron DeKett
photo by Ron DeKett

“Science has given us the facts and evidence. Climate change is real and we are the problem. But, clear cold facts too often do not fire hearts and minds to change the world. That takes the poetic power of beauty, love, life, eloquence, and empathy. Thank you, Nan Lundeen, for fanning those flames for us.”
—Mike Keen, Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Sustainability Studies, Indiana University South Bend
 Buy signed copies now at Box Factory for the Arts, St. Joseph, MI and