Nan Lundeen
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Moo of Writing


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2016 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist, writing & publishing category--

  Moo of Writing: how to milk your potential
by Nan Lundeen
a handbook to help writers harness and release inspiration
Find your moos!
Visit the Moo community of artists and writers at

The Moo of Writing process uses ...
Choose exercise you enjoy such as yoga, tai chi, walking, or swimming. Relax with deep breathing. Meditate to draw upon your inner strength. Establish a daily writing habit.
What do cows have to do with all that?
Cows are Zen masters, writers benefit when they behave like them, and science concurs. Writers can be productive ruminants like laid-back dairy cows who produce 5 gallons or 19 liters of milk a day.

Book Editor Lucy Walton-Lange of - "I am ashamed to say it but Moo of Writing is the first self-help writing book I have read and I wish that I had had a copy when I was studying my masters. Lundeen is a woman whose passion to help others with their writing emanates from the page."

Moo workshop writer Angie Feltman says she discovered, "My book of stories is right there in my mind.”

Writer Jim Fisher says, "It made me want to write."
Jonathan Telfer, Editor, Writers' News and Writing Magazine, U.K, says, "Writing advice guides often tend to blur into each other, but not Moo of Writing, which takes a holistic approach to improve the writer’s life and creative process in a refreshingly different way. Unleash your inner cow and find your moos!"
We know that cows moo, but did you know they don't care how we spell it? Moo can become Mu, a Zen koan inviting you to step aside, get out of your own way, and as a result, find your way.
Current scientific research spanning the pond from the University of London to the University of California supports the premise that relaxation, particularly day-dreaming, stimulates creativity. Discover self-affirming techniques such as moodling, befriending time, the value of play, drawing the face of fear, and centering with a Moo stone.
Each chapter leads you through another step in the process designed to access your hidden creativity. You'll also find writing tips, writing exercises, and a meditation apropos to each chapter.
Enjoy listening to Nan lead the meditations for free right here on her website. Just click on "Moo of Writing Meditations" on the menu above.
Care to meander down a cow path with Nan?
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